Professional Photography experiences with Heather Swan

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AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)

Accredited Professional Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer is half the battle won, when planning the big day.
Photographer Heather Swan is my photographer of choice: A calming presence; capturing all the magical natural moments and taking all the stress out of the formal side of photo-taking. She has an amazing eye for detail and design. Her creativity is impulsive, decisive and the results are spectacular. I have never looked as beautiful as I do in my wedding photos. Thank you so much Heather, you kill me with your talent and awesomeness.
— Dawn Tratt, Wellington, NZ
I love my photographs - they’re beautiful.
— Liz Hayes, photographed for Collective Magazine.
Oh my goodness, the images are amazing! I have never had such a nice photo taken of me, thank you so much!
— Nikki Beaumont, CEO Beaumont Consulting
I LOVE my photos!
— Jessica Bailey, Founder The Cruelty Free Shop
You are the BEST portrait photographer I’ve ever worked with. You made me look really beautiful!
— Elise Vale
Heather’s ability take photographs of people that unerringly capture their characters is legendary within the skydiving community that she’s a part of. Her ability to make lighting work to her advantage (and that of her subjects) in situations where she has no control over the environment has to be seen to be believed.
— Dave O'Brien


Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm a Wollondilly (Sydney, Australia) based professional photographer and writer.  I love creating gorgeous images that tell compelling stories.

Whether that's a beautiful smile, or a special embrace, the first flash of an engagement ring, or the unparalleled joy of a wedding ceremony, early days with a newborn, or any of the other unique moments we share with the people in our lives. 

I've been photographing people and places professionally for more than ten years. My passion for photography started, believe it or not, in wingsuit skydiving (which I still do). I have multiple world records in the sport, and wing-suiting has taken me and my husband, Glenn Singleman all over the world. My passion for 'getting the shot'  quickly extended to portrait photography and because I'm a writer, the stories behind the images.

I've had my stories and images published in prestigious magazines. I've worked with all kinds of people (including celebrities like Hollywood Director James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis-Cameron. 

I'm a committed learner, always taking courses and keeping up with the latest and best technology. I'm accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, and take my craft very seriously.

I pride myself on delivering a fun experience for my clients, and making sure they're happy with the end result - whether that's purely digital images al the way through to elaborate wedding albums.

Please get in touch about capturing your special moment. Let the fun begin!


Heather Swan
My husband Glenn Singleman flying over Picton NSW at Sydney Skydivers (photo by me with a Canon 5D Mk11)

My husband Glenn Singleman flying over Picton NSW at Sydney Skydivers (photo by me with a Canon 5D Mk11)